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Many people dream of owning a home one day, but once that dream becomes a reality, there are some crucial actions you need to take to protect your investment. Southeastern Insurance provides quality home insurance for residents in Mebane, NC. We are confident that your home will have the right protection after we sit down with you and choose the right coverage.

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Mebane, NC is a flourishing, small city in North Carolina. The average home value is around $150,000 USD. When choosing homeowners insurance policies there are some important things to look out for that are dependent on your current situation.

  • Coverage – Most standard policies do not cover events such as floods or earthquake damage. If you live in a high-risk area, you may need to acquire additional coverage for potential dangers. Usually, home insurance will protect you against damage from fire, wind, hail, snow, sleet, falling aircraft or objects, vehicle collisions and theft. If you take a close look at your policy, you might want to ensure that you have all of the coverage you want and need. If you are not sure that you’ve got it all, you need to ask your insurance agent for details on your policy, and where you can find this information in your written policy.
  • Exceptions – You should study your policy and make note of any exceptions that have been applied or may apply in the future. Some policies may not pay out benefits if damage to your home results from reckless behaviour on your part. Other policies could require you to disclose all tenants on the property you own. If you have not paid your property taxes in full when you signed up for the policy, it could count as an exception.
  • Term – this is the period that your coverage is active. The policy needs to be active when you move into your home, ensuring complete coverage.

There are several other things to look out for when searching for homeowners insurance in Mebane, NC. You can always give us a call with any inquiries at 800.601.7829 or complete our convenient homeowners insurance quote form!