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What Does Quality Homowners Insurance in Lewisville NC Cover?

In Lewisville, NC, homeowners insurance can help make sure that your family and your belongings are protected in the event of any disaster or emergency. You can be covered for wind, hail, theft, fire, and many other catastrophes.

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Home Insurance Dwelling Coverage

The most basic part of homeowners insurance covers the actual dwelling. There are different options available for policies. Some policies might cover the dwelling for a full replacement amount if something happens to it. Other policies might only allow for the actual value of the home minus any depreciation. With either type of policy the dwelling coverage will cover all parts of the actual home that are attached to the home.

Personal Property Protection in Lewisville, North Carolina

On your homeowner’s policy, you will also have coverage for your personal property. This will be a separate amount. Depending on your type of policy, you will have options for how much personal property protection you will need. Personal property would be considered to be any of your belongings that are not attached to the house. If you were to pick your house up and turn it upside down, what would fall out? What is not attached? This is your personal property. Carefully consider how much protection you will need to replace all of our personal property.

Does Homeowners Insurance Also Protect Separate Buildings On My NC Property?

Some people have additional buildings on their property. These may be sheds or other types of buildings. If they are not attached to the house, they are called additional structures. Your homeowners policy will carry a certain amount of coverage for these additional structures. Consider carefully about how much it would cost to replace these structures. Depending on the type of policy, you may be able to request different amounts of coverage to make sure that all additional structures are covered.

Extra Living Expenses in Lewisville

Some policies may even include amounts of coverage for additional living expenses. What would happen if your home were damaged enough that it was temporarily unlivable? What would you do while your home was being repaired? Would you have a place to stay? Would you have enough money in reserves to pay for somewhere else to stay? Additional living expenses will help pay for expenses you incur to live somewhere else while your home is in the process of being repaired.

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