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We can help you save on your homeowners insurance throughout North Carolina. Homeowners insurance in Kings Grant, North Carolina can cover the complete structure of your home, liability to others, and personal possessions.

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Carry Enough Homeowners Insurances to Rebuild

Make sure you have enough homeowners insurance in Kings Grant, NC to rebuild your home at the current cost of constructing a new building at today’s prices. The cost of the land in which the home is on should not be included in the rebuilding costs. Rebuilding costs should also be estimated at today’s prices and not at what it originally cost to build the home.

Homeowners may need to carry homeowners insurance in order to cover the amount of the mortgage on the home, because the bank is requesting the coverage. Owners should make sure that the amount of the insurance coverage be high enough to cover the new cost of replacing the building and personal possessions. The insurance that the homeowners carry on their home protects their investment and equity whether the mortgage is paid off or not.

Cost Factors for Rebuilding a Home in Kings Grant, NC

Homeowner’s insurance policies in North Carolina will usually cover damages that are caused by lighting, hail, fire, theft and explosions. Standard insurance policies do not cover earthquakes, floods or damage due to poor maintenance. The cost to rebuild will depend on many different factors such as the type of framing for the exterior walls and the style of the home.

Rebuilding costs will depend on whether the home was a one story or two story home, how many bathrooms were in the home, square footage of the structure, fireplaces, special windows and materials used throughout the home. Cost of replacement will also depend on special kitchen features or additions put on the home.

Homeowners Insurance Replacement Cost Policies

Replacement policies will cover the cost of the damage done to the structure using similar quality and kinds of materials. The policies do not have a deduction for wear and tear, depreciation or the decrease in the value of the home. Flood insurance policies will cover the structure at replacement costs. There are also floaters and endorsement polices that will cover jewelry, furs and silverware.

Protect Your Home with the Proper Insurance

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