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Southeastern Insurance Protects Your Indian Trail, NC Home

Many people ignore the cost of homeowners insurance when they think about buying a home in Indian Trail, NC. Insurance prices in North Carolina are below the national average, which means it is extremely careless for any home owner to forget about home insurance. As opposed to placing a giant risk on their investment, home insurance provides necessary financial security.

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Investment Protection

Buying a home is not cheap, whether it is in a major city such as Charlotte, or in Indian Trail, NC. A home can cost between $40,000 to a few million dollars, depending on the size and location. Spending that kind of money usually includes a long term mortgage, which is paid off on a monthly basis. When such a massive investment is undertaken, the least an individual or family can do is provide security for that investment.

All of Southeastern Insurance’s policies provide great protection for a home in the event of a fire, burglary, earthquake, storm, and/or tornado. This protection includes, but is not limited to, personal possessions, the structure of the home, liability against anyone visiting the home, and interior repairs.

Home insurance in North Carolina is often viewed as unnecessary and expensive. However, the numbers on that claim do not add up. Is it wise to spend $500 to $1000 a year on home insurance, or risk having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to repair damage caused by unstoppable incidents.

No matter how careful an individual or family is, they cannot prevent natural disasters and the damage they cause to homes. Even the smallest home requires thousands of dollars in repairs in the wake of an earthquake, hurricane or tornado, and that cost is often enough to drive families to the verge of bankruptcy.

Home Insurance Prices

Various factors impact homeowners insurance prices. For example, the age of a home and the amount of repairs that have been completed are taken into consideration. A 100 year house that has never been repaired will have a significantly higher premium than a five year old home. The neighborhood of a home also comes into the equation, especially in relation to crime rates.

Many home buyers will get discounts on home insurance by getting other insurance policies from the same company. In addition, they will agree to a slightly higher deductible in order to lower their monthly premium.

If you have just bought a home in Indian Trail, NC, do not waste any time. It is imperative that you speak with a representative at Southeastern Insurance and get a homeowners insurance quote. Give us a call at 800.601.7829 for more information. You may also fill out our homeowners insurance form, and a representative will get back to you with a quote.