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We know paying for homeowners insurance is no fun. But it’s a necessary step that can cost you dearly later on if you don’t protect your home and family in Greenville, North Carolina, today. We are your go-to company for home insurance in the area, so you know you can count on us to provide cost-effective solutions to your needs. We help you stay within your budget, yet we get you the coverage you need so you will get reimbursed in the event of disaster, damage and theft.

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We want to save you cash but we don’t want you to cut corners on things that really matter. It’s best to protect your home and yourself when thinking about which home insurance policy to choose. Don’t skimp on coverage now only to regret it later in the event of extensive damage due to theft or natural disaster. We can help you identify the best places to add coverage, and where you are sufficiently covered.

Southeastern Insurance has been helping families like yours save hundreds on homeowners insurance each and every year, thanks to many years in the personal and commercial insurance business. We can go over your home insurance options, which cover the structure of your home and possessions within, as well as the expenses you may incur if you have to live somewhere else while repairs are being made. You should also have enough coverage for liability to others. However, floods, earthquakes or damage caused by failure to provide routine maintenance are not covered under standard plans. You’ll also need to consider replacement cost policies, guaranteed or extended replacement cost coverage, building codes, inflation guards, and floaters and endorsements. Floaters/endorsements can provide extra coverage for those expensive items that have limits on standard coverage, such as jewelry, fur coats, silverware and computers. In these cases, you can buy special personal property floaters or endorsements at an extra cost to carry over protection on your expensive investments.

When you need solutions for homeowners insurance, keep Southeastern Insurance in mind. You can fill out our online quote form, which offers you a virtual convenience any time of the day or night. If you’d like to speak to one of our knowledgeable specialists, call us at 800.601.7829. We are here to connect you with the resources you need to make an informed decision on affordable home insurance. Rely on our reputation in the business to offer you the best option for your home and family. Looking to update your existing homeowners insurance policy? Are you a new homeowner who doesn’t have a policy yet? We can help. Call us today or check us out online to get a quote. You can count on our proven expertise in the field.