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There are a lot of options for homeowners insurance in Forest City, NC, from basic form home insurance policies with named perils to broad form coverage with excluded perils to condominium insurance and renters insurance and several others. Whichever type of coverage is needed, the best rates on homeowners insurance can be found through

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A North Carolina homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for the structure, attached and detached structures, such as garages, fences, walkways and sheds, and for the contents up to policy limits. Coverage is provided on either a named-perils or excluded-perils basis with the excluded perils policy providing the broadest protection. Among typical named perils are fire, lightning, internal flooding, weight of ice and snow. Sometimes, damage from windstorms, hail and other potential perils are not included in named-perils policies, depending on the insurer.

Additional home insurance coverage can be added, such as scheduled coverage of contents and personal belongings, including computers, audio-video equipment, furniture, firearms and other items that can exceed the nominal protection offered by basic homeowners insurance plans. Coverage for high-value items, such as jewelry, artwork and antiques, can be done on an agreed-value basis in which the insurer and policyholder agree to the potential claims value for items that are exceptionally valuable and might be difficult or impossible to replace.

Homeowners insurance policies pay claims in one of two ways. One way is a home insurance plan that pays claims based on the actual cash value of the home and its contents. In this case, depreciation and fair market value are used to assess the value of the property and claims will be paid based on that amount minus any deductibles. This means that the homeowner might have to pay to rebuild or replace property damaged by a covered peril.

Home insurance policies that provide replacement cost coverage are also available and cost more but will not require out-of-pocket expenses aside from the deductible. Replacement cost policies pay claims based on the cost to rebuild or replace the damaged or destroyed property regardless of cost. Homeowners insurance policies also provide liability insurance to pay medical bills or for damages arising from use of the insured property.

While there is a lot of protection available with homeowners insurance, the insured property is limited to the home and other structures, such as fences, outbuildings and walkways. Among items that are not insured is the land itself or trees. If you have questions about an insurance policy, our agents are happy to help.

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