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Homeowners insurance can make the difference in a family’s recovery during unexpected events and property damage. Home insurance is especially important because Durham, like the rest of North Carolina, has weather cycles that can cause harm to any dwelling. Residents can expect summer storms that include damaging hail and lightning. Strong winds, especially during hurricane season, can cause property damage and losses. In the winter, pipes freeze and frigid conditions could cause a host of unexpected challenges. Sadly, accidents happen. Is your home and personal property accurately covered?

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Your home is your biggest asset. Protect it with a complete homeowners insurance policy that fits your family’s needs. NC residents find that sometimes, an inadequate or deeply discounted home insurance package does not cover all of their repair and replacement costs. Some homeowners have to bear additional living expenses that could have been covered with quality insurance. Our policies are straightforward and easy to understand. Our staff will take the time to make sure that you know exactly what your policy covers, so that you can make the final determination about your homeowners insurance.

Our experts work directly with Durham residents to evaluate your specific needs. We can establish an amount of coverage, both property and liability, to create your policy based upon your needs. Our plans cover the cost of repair or replacement to your home. We can cover additional living expenses and the cost to replace your personal possessions. You can rest easy knowing that should a disaster occur, you are well covered. We proudly serve all of North Carolina and the southeast region.

If you are new to the area or are ready to make changes to your existing insurance, call us at 800.601.7829. We will work with you to assess your individual requirements and customize a homeowners insurance package to fit your needs and budget. Our teams of highly trained professionals are here to help you with all of your insurance needs. Contact us today for a personal quote.