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Many homeowners don’t fully understand the importance of having homeowners insurance until it’s needed. We’re constantly hearing or reading about families losing their homes as a result of fires or some other disaster. Your home is probably the largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Don’t risk losing it by being under-insured or having no home insurance! We can help you find the type of home insurance you need, and we can do it at an affordable cost. If you’re not sure what you need or what we offer, contact us today.

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Types of Coverage

At Southeastern Insurance, we offer various types of insurance coverage for your home. Our team of highly-trained agents will work with you in North Carolina to get you the best type of homeowners insurance at the best possible cost. Our homeowners insurance is not a simple cut-and-dried insurance that offers only the bare essentials. We also offer coverage on your personal belongings, additional living expenses after a covered disaster and liability insurance. Additional coverage for expensive items like guns, jewelry and antiques are also available. You don’t have to lose your entire home to benefit from having our homeowners insurance.

We offer you the choice of actual cash value or replacement cost. If your home in NC was totally destroyed, an actual cash value policy would pay you the amount it costs you to replace your home minus depreciation. A replacement cost policy will pay you the amount it would cost to replace your home with a home of similar quality and value. We also offer a modified replacement cost policy to those who own older homes. We cover both small and large losses. Our homeowners insurance covers a variety of disasters such as fire, lightning, hail, explosions and theft.

Why Choose Us for Your Insurance Needs

From the moment you contact us about coverage on your home in Davidson, North Carolina, you’ll become someone special to us. You’ll find our customer service representatives to be courteous, knowledgeable, professional and always available to you. As one of our insurance customers, you’ll benefit from our years of experience helping homeowners just like you. We can take care of all your insurance needs under one roof, saving you money at the same time. It only takes a moment to fill out our no-obligation online quote form. Don’t waste another minute – contact us at 800.601.7829 for your NC home insurance needs.