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Homeowners insurance covers your home in the event of a catastrophic accident, providing you with the funds you need for repair or to rebuild. Your home’s structure, all of your personal possessions, liability, and cost of living should be included under this insurance. If you aren’t sure how much coverage you have, or if you even have coverage, now is a good time to check. With hurricane season approaching, homeowners in Clinton, North Carolina need to make sure that they are protected with a good home insurance plan.

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With NC’s position on the east coast, the chances of being hit by hurricanes or tropical storms are high. These storms bring with them torrential rains, high winds, and even hail. However, most standard policies do not cover these elements. Make sure that your policy protects you against the kind of weather conditions you might encounter, and if it does not, give your agent a call. Consider adding lightning, fire, hail and flood insurance┬ádamage to the policy.

To get an idea of how much coverage you will need, take inventory of the value of your home including the total worth of your personal possessions. This way, in the worst case scenario, you’ll have an idea of how much money will be required to replace everything that was lost. If you have to rebuild, it’s a good idea to know the average cost of construction in your area.

If you happen to own any items that are of notable value, it might be best to take separate policies on them so as to not drive the premium too high. Anything such as family heirlooms or expensive works of art should have their own coverage.

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