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Among North Carolina’s fastest-growing cities and towns, few compare to Chapel Hill’s unique population. The city, which benefits from being home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has added a staggering 20,000 people to its population since the 1990 census, which is one of the biggest percentage gains in all of North Carolina. In addition to its status as a center of the state’s population growth, Chapel Hill remains a strong housing market and one that has attracted both first-time and older homebuyers consistently even despite a larger housing market downturn nationwide.

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This demands excellent availability of homeowner’s insurance products, and that’s something that Southeastern Insurance has offered to the local community for years. Our agents have been with Chapel Hill through each phase of its growth, watching as the town evolved from a relatively small college town to one that now consists of major research institutions, a diverse block of homeowners, and some of the highest home values anywhere in the state. When we meet our customers for the first time to discuss their coverage needs and budgetary goals, we help them tailor a great policy based on a few conditions unique to Chapel Hill.

1. The Local Population is “Super-Educated” Among North Carolina Cities

North Carolina’s cities have always ranked pretty highly in nationwide comparisons when demographers compare the percentage of homebuyers with undergraduate and advanced degrees. That’s due in large part to the University of North Carolina system, which enjoys its status as the oldest state-operated, public university in the country. This strong educational foundation is good for more than just bragging rights, however.

In Chapel Hill, a higher percentage of local homeowners hold at least one college degree than in any other North Carolina city. Furthermore, homeowners insurance companies actually reward higher education and advanced degrees with better policy rates and discounts. As with things like car insurance, higher education has been associated with less overall risk of major damage or a total loss. That bodes well for rates, and we’re excited to discuss this benefit with each of our local customers when they meet with one of our agents.

2. Despite the Presence of UNC, Crime Remains Quite Low

Another thing that really benefits local homeowners is the local reputation for safe streets and low crime levels across the board. In a normalized study of major cities across the country, Chapel Hill comes in at about half the average, nationwide crime rate. This is good for homeowners for a few key reasons. First and foremost, it means that the home and its occupants are safer on a daily basis, with a low risk of vandalism and burglary throughout the year.

As an added benefit, however, crime rates that are this significantly below average mean that our agents can get homeowners a really great price on robust coverage, making sure that their policy is as protective as possible while offering a lower overall rate when compared to nearby cities and towns with a much higher crime rate. As with all insurance product, risk dictates cost. In terms of crime, Chapel Hill represents one of the lowest risks in this part of the Tar Heel State.

3. New Residents are a Common Sight in Chapel Hill

Lots of the first time homebuyers that we serve are completely new to the area, having relocated to Chapel Hill for work or the excellent educational opportunities here and nearby. We’re used to people who are new not only to owning their own home, but those who are also new to Chapel Hill and this region of North Carolina overall.

Our agents work with homeowners to blend their insurance needs with each agent’s history in Chapel Hill. With experienced local residents who can offer tips on everything from the best deductible to the best local farmer’s market, we find that our policyholders often ease into their new homes a bit quickly and more easily than others.

4. Home Values are Increasing in Chapel Hill

Like virtually all American cities, Chapel Hill suffered from declining home values about a half-decade ago. Those home values hit their lowest point in 2009, but have recently climbed back almost to their pre-recession highs. Prices only look to increase, and that bodes well for local homeowners who value having equity in their homes.

Our agents will make sure to take into consideration the relative strength of Chapel Hill’s housing market and home prices for each policyholder. No matter the unique situation, we’ll make sure that the home’s current price and future value are recognized by our excellent policies.

Southeastern Insurance Agents Value North Carolina’s Southern Hospitality

Homeowners who are looking to either insure their first home or switch policies from an older provider will enjoy our refreshing policy of friendly agents and timely interactions. Our agents value North Carolina’s reputation as one of the friendliest places in the country, and that’s why they work their hardest to make sure that customers are never on hold, never inconvenienced, and always served by someone who knows the area and can be on their way to help at a moment’s notice.

That has been our goal since our very first day in business, and it has only become more important to us as our company has grown and as the local area has exploded in population over the past few years. Give us a call at 800.601.7829. We look forward to helping each customer transition to their first home or a new policy!