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North Carolina has long held a reputation for being one of the fastest-growing and most exciting states in the southeastern part of the country, and a large part of that reputation has been driven by the Triangle area of the Tar Heel State. Characterized by some of the best educational institutions in the country, the region that surrounds Carrboro is home to major state universities, some of the largest and busiest research parks anywhere in the United States, and some of the most appealing residential neighborhoods in all of North Carolina.

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Given those characteristics, it’s probably no surprise that Carrboro has grown by as much as 50 percent in total population over the past two decades. Once a sleepy agricultural town best known for being west of Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina, Carrboro has become a major center of population growth and activity in its own right. This growth in activity and population means that the area is home to more new homeowners than ever, whether they’re recent graduates from the universities in the area or new professors who are excitedly taking on new responsibilities and academic settings at UNC, N.C. State, and Duke.

New Homeowners Need to Pick the Right Homeowner’s Insurance Company

Whether buying a home in the area for the first time or simply relocating to a new area of the Raleigh-Durham region, it’s important for homeowners to pick a home insurance company that not only understands their individual needs, but also understands the unique characteristics of Carrboro and the greater Research Triangle area. The best home insurance companies are those companies that can recommend products, services, coverage levels, and premiums, that take into account local home value, population growth, climate, and a whole host of other concerns.

At Southeastern Insurance, we’ve been working with local Carrboro homeowners for years to help them craft the perfect homeowners insurance policy for their budgetary needs and the unique concerns that come with owning a home in this growing part of North Carolina. Our local agents welcome each new family to the area, building a relationship that allows for long-term trust, robust home insurance coverage, and excellent peace of mind even on the stormiest days and through the roughest periods of homeownership.

Agents that Get It: How We Deliver Excellent Insurance to Area Homeowners

The strong growth of communities in this area, particularly in Carrboro and nearby towns, has led many local insurance companies to adopt one-size-fits-all approaches to homeowners insurance, largely so that they can insure the largest amount of people in the smallest amount of time. That’s not an approach that we’re comfortable with. Instead, we work with homeowners to consider a few key factors, specific to the Carrboro area, to save them money and provide them with a robust level of coverage that meets all of their needs. Among our personalized considerations for local homeowners:

1. An Honest Assessment of Crime Levels

Our agents not only work in Carrboro, but they also live here and have children here. The area has among the lowest crime rates west of Chapel Hill and that means really great things for homeowners who are looking to enjoy a great policy for a smaller amount of money on an annual basis.

We look at each block and determine its relative risk in terms of crime, and we create a policy that benefits from Carrboro’s strong municipal leadership and relatively safe streets.

2. An Understanding of Carolina Weather

This part of North Carolina has a few distinct advantages over virtually anywhere else in the state: We don’t tend to suffer very much from hurricanes due to a relatively inland location, but Carrboro’s lower elevation relative to Charlotte and Asheboro means less snowfall and warmer weather throughout the winter.

In terms of east coast weather, that’s a big victory. Homeowners benefit from our understanding of local weather risks and patterns, and we’ll offer a policy with the right coverage and the right price based on these conditions.

3. A Recognition that Personable Agents Make the Difference

Sometimes, the hardest thing about buying homeowners insurance is simply reaching an agent who is ready, willing, and able to discuss the home’s location, its coverage factors, and how it can benefit from different types of policies and deductibles. That’s why we’ve long had a policy of remaining in touch with the homeowners we serve, ensuring that they understand their policy, that they’re enjoying their home and their location in Carrboro, and that they’re fully satisfied with what we’ve offered them.

We don’t make homeowners wait on hold to talk about their policy, make adjustments, or file claims. That makes a big difference when compared to bigger agencies that simply afford their homeowners less time.

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Southeastern Insurance is the best choice for new and existing homeowners in Carrboro, North Carolina, who want to find the perfect blend of budget-friendly coverage and robust policies that save them time and money if their home does suffer from major damage.

With a large team of agents and a strong commitment to fast, comprehensive results, we urge area homeowners to give us a call at 800.601.7829. We offer a unique commitment to Carrboro and the surrounding areas in North Carolina.