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Homeowners insurance is available in Brevard, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. Brevard is often described as the land of waterfalls and is located in western North Carolina. Contact Southeastern Insurance for immediate coverage. Homeowners insurance coverage is available for personal property protection and liability coverage. Premiums are competitive, and additional types of insurance coverage are available as well.

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Brevard, North Carolina, Hazard Insurance

The homeowners and renters in Brevard, North Carolina, face specific challenges during the summer, fall, and winter months. The following are western North Carolina weather conditions that are covered under a home insurance protection policy:

1. The summer months can bring lightning and hail storms. This type of water hazard can cause property damage from hail or falling tree branches.

2. The fall in western North Carolina is colorful and a season of change. This time of year in the state is hurricane season as well. Hurricanes bring additional waterfall and snow fall across the state. Winds may be excessive in the western portion of the state from this type of weather condition.

3. The winter months in western North Carolina and the Brevard area are often snow filled. This type of weather can bring housing problems that include frozen pipes and ice damage.

Customizing Home Insurance

Home hazard insurance can be customized to allow for certain regional conditions. Renters are covered under a special policy for their interior property as well. Renters are a special type of policy holder since the rental building is usually under the policy umbrella of the landlord. A rental insurance policy is available for the renter’s home contents.

Reducing the Cost of a Home Insurance Policy

There are several methods to use in order to reduce the cost of a home insurance policy, and these methods are the following:

1. A policy holder can install a sprinkler system, and this additional asset can reduce the cost of any home insurance policy.

2. A security system can be installed in a residence to lower the cost of a hazard insurance policy.

3. Installing more secure locks and security window treatments can lower the premium costs of a hazard insurance policy.

Repairing Certain Cold Weather Problems

Cold weather can have its challenges, and repairing these cold weather issues can reduce the cost of a homeowner’s insurance bill. These cold weather repair suggestions include the following:

1. Frozen pipes are often a concern for any homeowner who lives in a region with cold winters.

2. Frozen pipes occur when the outside air temperatures reach a below freezing degree. The water in the house pipes becomes frozen, and the frozen water expands. This expanding element of water may cause the pipes to rupture or burst. Frozen pipes and ruptured pipes are a leading cause of water damage or home damage during the cold winter months.

3. Frozen water around a house can cause an ice dam as well. This type of water freezing occurs around melting ice and certain roof and vent areas of a home. Ice dams can create water leakage when the roof vents are broken, for example. A vent leak can create a leaky roof.

Preventing Frozen Pipes and Ice Dams

There are ways to prevent frozen pipes and ice dams during the winter months. These preventative measures can help to reduce home repair bills and home insurance claims as well. Fewer home insurance claims often are taken into consideration when an insurance company determines a homeowner’s insurance bill. The following are several methods of preventing frozen pipes and ice dams:

1. Proper ventilation, drainage, and insulation will often help to prevent any type of leaking pipe or clogged vent around the home.

2. Gutters should be cleared regularly, and the seals around roof vents should be checked as well.

3. The roof should be inspected, and snow and ice slides can be installed.

4. A heating cable can be placed along the eaves of the roof to melt ice during the colder months. This preventative measure can be used to reduce an insurance bill.

Home Maintenance to Reduce Bills

There are additional measures that can be taken to reduce insurance bills and home repair costs, and these measures are the following:

1. The inside temperature of the home should be kept at 55 degrees F. or higher.

2. A cold winter can create additional home maintenance duties. Turn on both the hot and cold faucets near the outside walls to allow a small amount of water to move throughout these pipes, especially during the night time.

3. A mountain house is a vacation place that can remain empty during certain months of the year. Keep the heat on and drain the water system before being away for any length of time.

4. Shut off valves should be located in case of a water pipe or roof leak emergency.

Insurance and Emergencies

Preventative measures can help to eliminate certain problems. Call a claims agent if property damage does occur. Water mitigation services are available to protect and repair damaged properties. Stay away from electrical outlets, and take an inventory.


The weather conditions in the Brevard, North Carolina, area can be challenging for a homeowner or renter in this region of the state. Contact Southeastern Insurance at 800.601.7829 for immediate coverage or additional information for your home protection.