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While North Carolina ranks as one of the most cosmopolitan states in the southeastern part of the country, the Tar Heel State is also home to some of the most picturesque retreats anywhere in the United States. That’s thanks in large part to the state’s 560-mile length, spanning a massive piece of land from the scenic Outer Banks to the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. At the heart of North Carolina’s slice of Appalachia likes Boone, a smaller community located in Watauga County. Despite pretty large leaps in population over the past three decades, the community remains smaller, very tight-knit, and a hub of activity for people looking to get away from it all.

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Homeowners in Boone are treated to some of the biggest perks of mountain life, all while enjoying great educational opportunities and local amenities. For those in the area, buying a home in Boone means having virtually unlimited access to some great resources:

1. Appalachian State University

Boone is home to Appalachian State University, which actually ranks as the sixth-largest public university in the state of North Carolina. Originally founded as a teacher’s college in the 19th century, the university is today a major center of undergraduate, graduate-level, and professional education. The university’s presence has helped to spur growth in Boone and the Blue Ridge area of the state, and it has been instrumental in helping the local community secure a great higher education and a large list of academic and staff-level jobs on campus.

2. Recreational Opportunities

Few towns and cities in North Carolina, or even in the states that border North Carolina, can offer the kind of recreational pursuits that are wide open for residents of Boone. Homeowners in this Appalachian community spend their winters in close proximity to excellent ski resorts like Sugar Mountain and Appalachian Ski Mountain, both of which offer trails ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels.

In the summer, Boone is a tourist destination thanks to its proximity to white water rafting courses, hiking trails, boulder fields, and a whole host of other advantages that can only be enjoyed in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Residents of the community typically use these resources extensively, and are often ranked among both the most active as well as the most highly educated in the region.

3. A Healthy, Relaxing Retirement

Boone is a typical southern town with a certain amount of charm that comes from its rather remote, mountainous location. That makes it a perfect fit for retirees who are looking to leave behind the daily grind and the chaos of urban life, moving to the mountains for a break from their routine. In fact, Boone is such a great place to retire that the town was recently recognized by US News and World Report as one of the top ten places to retire anywhere in the United States.

For this reason, there are a significant number of homeowners in the area who are older, new to Boone itself and North Carolina at large, and looking to make the most of their golden years in the western part of the state.

From Recent Grads to Retirees, Homeowners Insurance Matters a Great Deal in Boone

In addition to being one of the most friendly, picturesque, and scholarly towns in the western part of the state, Boone is also centrally located in a region of the state that tends to be a bit more isolated and a bit more subject to wild swings in the weather. While those closer to the cost enjoy relatively calm and peaceful conditions all year, Boone homeowners often contend with legendary snowfall and other opportunities for damage to their homes.

That’s where homeowners insurance comes in. The agents at Southeastern Insurance have been working with new and existing homeowners in Boone for a very long time, and they’ve been in the area long enough to know the exact kind of coverage to offer to each individual homeowner. When offering coverage, our agents typically take into consideration at least a few factors unique to Boone and its surroundings.

Winter and the Plight of the Regular Blizzard

Snow is one of the reasons that so many people actually move to Boone and nearby areas, since it’s otherwise pretty hard to come by significant accumulations anywhere else in the southern part of the country. Boone’s snowfall is abundant, with enough white powder to keep the slopes busy all winter long and into spring. This also puts homes at risk, however, due to everything from power outages to extremely heavy, wet snow that can affect the home’s roof and other areas. Our agents know how to cover those areas and provide homeowners financial protection in the event of damage.

Low Crime and a Remote Location

Boone’s combination of rural environs and exceedingly low crime means that homeowners can actually save a great deal of money on their homeowners insurance policy when compared to more populated, crime-ridden areas of the country. That’s good news for the budget, and it’s something that our experienced local agents always account for when creating a new policy in the area.

A Friendly Face is Always Nearby

Our agents appreciate the legacy of Boone as a friendly southern town where everyone knows each other and looks out for each other. That’s why they look out for local homeowners, with great policies, in-person consultations, and a friendly attitude that makes it easier and more affordable to protect homes from any sort of damage.

To get started with this commitment to friendly, timely service in Boone, be sure to click through our website or call one of our local agents. We’ll arrange a time to discuss liability products, coverage, and other concerns as soon as possible.